Halloween May Mess Up Idaho's Plans to Control Head Lice
Idaho health websites are full of advice on how to control the spread of those blood-sucking critters known as head lice, and so far it hasn't been an awful year for head lice cases. But here comes Halloween!

There's a huge spike in head lice cases this time of year, and wigs and masks m…
Why Do We Dress Up For Halloween Anyway?
We carry around a secret inner desire to be Flo from Progressive all year long, and finally at Halloween we let her out!  Is that it?
The kids might have questions about Halloween, so I did some research to prep us.
Halloween Haunts My Pets
Dogs are so cool for tolerating our holidays.  The 4th of July is noisy and hurts their ears, and when Halloween rolls around they have to wear uncomfortable outfits and take humiliating pictures for our social media pages.
Halloween is the worst day of the year for my dogs.
An Amsterdam Good Time!
This Halloween was nothing short of spectacular and the costumes even more so. To celebrate Halloween the right way, Mike and Kate crashed the Amsterdam Lounge this Halloween and gave out over $1000 dollars in prizes! The atmosphere was electric and everyone had an amazing night...
Boo at the Zoo
MIX 106's Mike & Kate were out at Boo at the Zoo! Thousands of families came out in full costumes to celebrate Halloween with the zoo animals, get candy, and compete in fun costume contests!