This is a very valid question and a common one, when should you start mowing your grass in the spring?

I know my grass is uncovered and growing at a fast rate, so when should I start mowing it? I see lawn services and care out much more often in the Treasure Valley. According to an article on written by Hallie Engel that mowing at the right time is crucial for your lawn to grow. The greatest thing I learned from the article is that it is important to let it grow in order not to cut it when it is too short. So now I have an excuse as to why I am not mowing my lawn yet.

I read another article that talks about your location being an indicator if you should mow early or wait. Find out more about wet and freezing conditions here. They say late spring April-May is the time to start mowing. That's a big window but hey it's a start, after memorial weekend though if you aren't mowing your lawn your neighbors are not going to like you.


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