Tinder No Longer A “Hook-up” App
No one ever believes me when I say that I used to legitimately use Tinder to find dates, not just hook-ups. More and more, people are using it to have meaningful conversation. Hear me out!
The Latest Treasure Valley Tinder Shocker!
Online dating is such an adventure! And sometimes not in a good way. Just when I thought I had seen it all and nothing could shock me, something happened last week that made me want to throw in the dating towel.
Unfortunately, this may have already happened to you too.
Rent to Impress
Ladies, here's a reason to be very leery of guys on Tinder that are posing with high end luxury vehicles in their profile pics.  It looks impressive, but do they really own it, or did they rent it just for the photo opp?  It's happening.
Jen's Weird Tinder Date
So, you swipe right on Tinder and the next thing you know that guy is trimming your trees!  I think you can safely say you've never had a social media date like this one.  Here's what happened.
Worst Response Ever?
Ladies, what can a guy say in a Tinder message that makes you roll your eyes, say "whatever dude," and rule him out?  Well, besides that.  How about this one.

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