For many, 2017 was a pretty weird year a new reality show president took office....We lost some amazing people, including Bill Paxton, Don Rickles, Jerry Lewis. and Powers Boothe ..But  the most important subject of the year was, what weird thing was your state more interested in than any other state?

A website called The Daily Dot just analyzed millions of searches from last year to figure out what the people in every state Googled more than anyone else.  And here are some of the highlights . .

In Idaho we Googled Jodie Whittaker and Dr. Who the most.  (I have to admit, I didn't know who Jodie Whittaker I had to Google her too..she's an English actress)  And she's been named as the 13th incarnation of the Doctor in Dr. Who, so they kind of go together....Who knew we had so many whovians in Idaho?


Whenever we're curious about basically anything at this point, we ask Google.  Which means they get a fascinating look into what's REALLY on our minds.


  1. Stuff related to the solar eclipse was big, especially the states in its path.  People in South Carolina searched for "eclipse glasses" . . . Arkansas searched for "eye damage from solar eclipses" . . . and Indiana wondered "what is a solar eclipse?"
  2. Colorado and North Carolina both had top searches related to Bill O'Reilly . . . Rhode Island and Missouri both searched for things related to Matt Lauer . . . and Nebraska searched for Harvey Weinstein accusers.

Washington D.C. apparently needed a lot of help with the "Me Too" movement . . . their top search there was "What is sexual harassment?"

And some states looked at totally frivolous things, including "giant penguin" in Michigan . . . "unicorn Frappuccino" in Washington . . . "Wonder Woman" in Utah . . . and "How to make a fidget spinner" in West Virginia.

Check out each states most Googled searches below.






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