I just saw one of my Facebook friends bought his daughter a BRAND NEW AUDI for her first car, and it made me reflect back to my 1990 Cadillac Coupe De'Ville, which I got in 2002 when I turned 16. What was your first car?

So my first car was a 12 year old Cadillac passed down from my grandparents and this thing was NIIIICE. I was pretty spoiled, but at 33, I've never had a brand new Audi! Am  I jealous of a 16 year old? Maybe. I just think you need to have somewhat of a clunker in life before you can appreciate the nice stuff.

My current vehicle is a 2018 Silverado that I bought brand new but that was the biggest purchase I ever made. When I was in school, I felt like, if people had a brand new car of any sort, it was either a Hyundai or a Scion. There were no brand new Audi's in our school's parking lot.

What about you?

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