I have gone back and forth numerous times over the past few months on what to do about our current vehicle situation. Currently my wife and I own 2 trucks both of which are 4x4 trucks and do great when dealing with crazy weather especially snow and ice. But with our recent move to Nampa, we don't have to worry about those harsh winter drives as much.

It's also not a big shock that I am frugal, since we work so hard to get a paycheck I like it when my money stays in our account. But driving in from Nampa everyday is eating up gas so quickly I have been debating trading in one of our trucks on a more economical vehicle. But I don't have any specific vehicle in mind that I really want.

Savannah and I love to travel so if we do trade in the truck we need something comfortable for long rides. What is the most gas friendly/comfortable car you have ever driven? Any suggestions are appreciated, just remember the frugal part. :)

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