I'm starting to feel like I am spending too much time on the Nextdoor App, but all the posts are important to me as they have to do with the area that I am living in. The posts over the past month all seem to be the same. Ever since kids started going back to school there have been more posts about people speeding around neighborhoods before and after school, as well as care being broken into. I understand the aggravation of people driving fast in neighborhoods. The majority of people talking about their vehicle being broken into unfortunately are leaving themselves open to be a target by leaving their vehicle unlocked.

Let me first say that leaving your car unlocked DOES NOT give anyone the right to go into your vehicle and take things, one of my biggest pet peeves are thieves. I will never understand why people will steal when they could work for one day and most likely purchase whatever it was that they were going to steal. While locking your vehicle doors won't guarantee your car won't be broken into, it will definitely help you not become a victim.

There is only one reason why I took the time to write about this and it's because I don't want you to become another person who has their car broken into. Make sure you lock your car everytime you get out of it, even if you're only running in the house for a quick 10 minutes. It's not worth giving a thief the opportunity to take what you have had to work hard to create. And if you see anyone suspicious around your neighborhood don't hesitate to call law enforcement so they can make sure nothing illegal is going on. It's your neighborhood too, be proactive to keep your streets crime free.

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