The holiday season is here and a lot of us are working our buns off to ensure we're all set for the holidays. With 2023 approaching, many of us will be looking to the new year as a fresh start and the beginning of our "change."

For some people, change means making more money. You know, asking that boss for a raise... starting up a business... whatever it may be, 2023 is coming and people are gearing up to be the best versions of themselves. The thing about Idaho, however, is that it is expensive. According to, the average price of a home in Boise is $532,990.

You read that right: $532,990 is the average price of a home in Boise. Shoot, we thought the price of gas was bad, try getting a freaking home! A more painful realization is that a lot of us will never even be able to apply for one of those homes because the second that we fill in the blank with our income, we'll quickly realize we're out of reach...

...or are we?

What Does It Take To Live in Idaho?

"Middle-class" is a term we hear thrown around all the time and it's likely because in order to make it in the Treasure Valley, you have to make enough money to be considered middle-class. To determine what the middle-class threshold is in Idaho, we used data from and also looked at how the numbers compare to surrounding states. Do you make enough to be considered middle class in Idaho? What about California? Let's take a look!

Do You Make Enough Money To Be Middle-Class in Idaho?

According to, the income you need to bring in to be considered middle-class in Idaho and its neighboring states varies. Where do you fall?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Need Quick Cash For The Holidays? Idaho Might Owe You

You may not realize you have money with your name on it all thanks to the Idaho State Treasurer's office.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

The 5 Best Places to Get Cash Back for Gift Cards You Can't Use in Boise

Gift cards are thoughtful and usually pretty helpful gifts...unless someone bought you a gift card for a store that doesn't have a location within 100+ miles of Boise. Rather than hang on to those and let them go to waste, these are some places you can sell them for cash! We tried some of the options out with a hypothetical $25 Dunkin' Donuts gift card to see who offered the best deal.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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