One of the best things about Idaho is the mysteries that are hidden throughout the state. From Bigfoot to aliens to treasure, Idaho has everything.

There's a reason they call it "the Gem State"...

According to Western Mining History, Idaho has produced an estimated 9,300,000 ounces of gold in its history. Using the current March 2023 price of $63.49 per gram according to, that would equate to roughly $16,739,174,378.20 today.

That's right - $16.73 TRILLION dollars in gold have been found in Idaho since the hunt began. To be fair, I'm pricing the entire history of gold found at today's rate... BUT STILL.

Some people flip items on eBay... others find GOLD

Remember eBay? It was Amazon before Amazon and revolutionized the way we all shop. While most people are looking to find their favorite tech, furniture, or even new hobby... eBay has listings for land claims in Idaho that could potentially produce gold.

According to the Bureau of Land Management, there are two types of claims. A lode claim and a placer claim.

A lode claim is:

Deposits subject to lode claims include classic veins or lodes having well-defined boundaries. They also include other rock in- place bearing valuable minerals and may be broad zones of mineralized rock. Examples include quartz or other veins bearing gold or other metallic minerals and large volume, but low-grade disseminated gold deposits. Descriptions are by metes and bounds surveys beginning at the discovery point on the claim and including a reference to natural objects or permanent monuments. Federal statute limits their size to a maximum of 1500 feet in length, and a maximum width of 600 feet (300 feet on either side of the vein).

According to the Bureau of Land Management, a placer claim is:

Placer claims are defined as "...including all forms of deposit, excepting veins of quartz, or other rock in-place." In other words every deposit, not located with a lode claim, should be appropriated by a placer location. Placer claims, where practicable, are located by legal subdivision (aliquot part and complete lots). The maximum size is 20 acres per locator, and the maximum for an association placer is 160 acres for 8 or more locators. The maximum size for a corporation is 20 acres per claim. Corporations may not locate association placer claims unless they are in association with other locators or corporations as co-locators.

Now, let's be clear...if you intend on finding gold, understand that you'll need to find a lot. That being said, for the investment you're putting in on eBay, you have the potential of making a massive profit.

Let's take a look at what Idaho land claims are available on eBay...

Idaho Properties For Sale on eBay Could Make You A HUGE Profit

By purchasing one of these claims on eBay... you might get lucky and "strike it rich!"

Make sure you're aware of the rules before you hunt for treasure in the Treasure Valley!

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