As a parent, I can appreciate the value that a babysitter or a nanny brings to a household. It allows you to make much-needed time for yourself or for yourself and your significant other while also ensuring your kids have someone to take care of them.

The entire process of finding a sitter can induce anxiety in any parent because you have to take a leap of faith and at some point, entrust this person to watch your kids and possibly, do so in your home. It's because of this, that most parents would agree that you get what you pay for and in most cases, it's worth paying top dollar to keep your kids safe and sound. But is Idaho one of the best-paying states for sitters and nannies? How fast is pay rising or declining?

According to, Idaho sitters and nannies are pulling 8% below the national average while our friends in Washington are paying 6% above the national average. The average varies in Idaho and surrounding states, but is it enough for nannies and sitters to make a living? Let's dive into the data!

Are Babysitter Salaries Really on the Decline in Idaho?

Let's take a look at what babysitters/nannies are averaging in pay in Idaho and surrounding states according to Indeed. Are babysitters making enough money for the job?

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According to, the income you need to bring in to be considered ‘middle-class’ in Idaho and its neighboring states varies. Where do you fall?

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