You probably have your list of favorite restaurants across the Treasure Valley, maybe even the State.  If you had to name the "most romantic" restaurant in the state, what would it be? has put together a list of the most romantic restaurants across the country.  Each state gets the honor for one establishment to receive that honor.

What did they chose for Idaho?  It's in the Treasure Valley.  It's in downtown Boise in fact.

It is...drum roll please....Chandler's.

If you've had the chance to enjoy steak or any of their other offerings, there is no doubt it's a fantastic place for a meal.  The atmosphere is great, the food amazing, and it's certainly a spot that would allow for a romantic evening.

It did make me wonder if you've found a different favorite place for a romantic meal?  I'd be very curious to hear your list.

If you want to see more about's selections (and what made Chandler's the spot), you can find that, HERE.


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