Imagine what a mess that would be... I'm set to get married in 44 days. In San Diego. Pretty much all of our guests are traveling to be there; mine from Vegas, her's from Virginia. If this Coronavirus madness escalates, this is going to be a huge mess for us.

So it appears the airlines mostly have a plan to move people's flights to a different date without a fee, so at this point I'm not worried about our guests in that capacity. But, what if people decide this whole Coronavirus thing is getting too crazy and decide to cancel?

I imagine the wedding venue is going to avoid canceling as much as they can, but if no one comes because of travel issues or otherwise? Are we stuck with the bill? When we booked the venue, we never took any of this into consideration, obviously.

Then, what about the florist, cake, photographers, dj and everything else we're on the hook for? It's a stressful thought and awfully selfish I'm sure, but what if? What if we can't pull it off when we want to next month? Will we be able to do everything the same, just down the road?

It's crazy how quickly things are escalating with this whole Coronavirus thing... Tom Hanks and his wife have the virus and are quarantined in Australia, the NBA season has been suspended, it's such a crazy time. I am happy that there haven't been any cases here in Idaho yet, hopefully life won't come to a screeching halt here any time soon.

Who knows, though... My wedding is still a month and a half away. Hopefully this is all ancient history at that point.

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