It's time to tell it like it is. We really don't know how Boise State feels about the football program. After a string of strong coaches, the first hire of the Marlene Tromp administration fell flat. They overpaid for a coach with no experience and may have set the program back. Hiring Andy Avalos made some wonder if the school still cared about football. Sure, Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey will lead the search and make the recommendation. Still, Tromp and the Board of Trustees all have to agree. And that is why this hire will signify the importance or lack thereof, they place on their football program. It will demonstrate Boise State's commitment to maintaining and elevating its football legacy or willingness to remain average at a lower price.

Boise State has stood as a beacon of success in the college football landscape, especially for a Group of 5 team. Their consistent winning, producing NFL talent, and competitive spirit have made them unique in college football. The new hire must embody these traits to continue the expectation of excellence and maybe even lead the team to achieve even more nationally.

This hire also comes when the school is doubling down on its football program's infrastructure, setting fundraising records, and upgrading the facility. It looks like a future-focused blueprint that needs a strategic hire—one who could leverage these upgrades and align with the view of the possible.

The next coach's philosophy, recruiting ability, and development skills will be critical. They will be under a microscope to see where the school stands on the program. The program's history of being "the big fish in the small pond" makes it feel like anything less than someone who can harness and grow our legacy will be perceived as negligence.

At the end of the day, the next coach will signal whether Boise State wants to capitalize on its roots or stay stagnant, potentially undermining the accomplishments that Boise State is known for.

This hire is about more than just who will call the plays and coach students. This hire is a barometer for the university's dedication to a program that has, for decades, punched well above its weight.

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