Most of us have probably already done our Easter shopping for this year...If you shopped at Target you might want to check to see if you purchased this popular hatching Easter Egg because it's been recalled by Target.

Target is recalling more than 500,000 of their popular Hatch and Grow Easter toys over the possibility that children could swallow them.  The product was sold at Target stores here in the Treasure Valley and at other locations across the U.S. since February.

No incidents or injuries have been reported, but the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says parents should take the toy away from children and return it to any Target store for a full refund.

The toy begins as an egg and when left to soak in water, the dinosaur inside expands and breaks away the outer egg shell. If the small toy inside the egg is taken out before it’s expanded in water and ingested by a child it can expand inside a child's body and cause intestinal obstruction which may result in discomfort, vomiting, dehydration and possibly even death.

Surgery is required to remove the toy from inside the body, if it is ingested. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there is real possibility that if the toy is ingested, it may not show up on an x-ray.

The recall involves Hatch & Grow Easter Eggs, Easter Grow Toys with model number 234-25-1200 on the back of the product’s packaging and Hatch Your Own Dino Egg model number 234-09-0016 on the label inserted in the product’s packaging.



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