After this week's episode of Southern Charm, one thing is clear: there's a breakout star among the core group who needs to go solo.

Gizmo the Cat, who accepts all of co-owner Craig Conover's antics with a placid stare, is already so over his debut -- but this furry feline is begging for more airtime.

Unlike the rest of his castmates, Gizmo (perhaps Conover's most steady companion aside from girlfriend and kitty-rescuer Naomie Olindo) isn't interested in his human's lack of a law degree or the reasons why he lied about having one. Nay, he just wants to mess up Conover's day by sleeping on his face and inducing an allergic reaction.

Gizmo wants to be taken on long wheelbarrow rides through Conover's garden, despite being warned that it will be bumpy.

And sometimes, when his aimless owner wants to talk, he really, really, really just wants to be left alone.

And what do the other Southern Charmers think of their newest "cat mate"? (See what we did there, Andy Cohen?) Southern mama Patricia Altschul appears to adore the little fellah in a recent tweet: "My favorite scene tonight was of pulling Gizmo in the wagon. Adorable."

Well, now that the cat's (literally) out of the bag when it comes to Conover's daily schedule sans employment, we're hoping to see way more of Gizmo in additional montages.

Or, you know, a full series titled Cat and Craig. Whichever.

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