We need your help in choosing the Grand Prize winner for our Mike & Nicole's New Year, New You with Spa 35!

One of these three finalists will win $5,000 in services from Spa 35 in Boise to look and feel their best! Read the nomination letters and then vote for one person below!

My mom, Patricia Failia, is the most selfless and giving person that I have ever met. In the past 10 years she has had breast cancer, a brain aneurysm, knee replacement, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and celiac disease, and experienced family heartbreak. But though everything she has remained a positive, kind, and happy person. She believes that if you focus on others and give with your whole heart, then you find true happiness. Four years ago, my girlfriend was dying of ovarian cancer and my mom, without even hesitating, paid all of her families living expenses so that they could focus on being together and not worry about how the rent was going to be paid. This is just one example of the many things that Paticia Failla has done for others. While going through all her health issues the past 10 years, she has focused on others more than herself. The constant pain and surgeries have taken their toll on her appearance and self-confidence but that doesnt stop her from focusing on what is really important. I feel that my mom is deserving of the total transformation because she has done so much for others and I would love to see her feel as good about herself as she does about everyone else. Thank you for your consideration. We are truly blessed to call her our mom. (Nominated by Bree Jaynes)

My amazing wife has had three pregnancies in three years, and five pregnancies total. Our oldest two are seven and five. Then in 2015 she was a surrogate for another family that have had some tragic struggles with infertility and infant loss. In 2016 we lost a baby boy half way through the pregnancy. And in 2017 we had our baby girl, who is now 4 months old. My wife has been through a lot, especially the last three years. All these pregnancies have taken a toll on her body. She deserves a "Total Transformation" and would love to get one. She works hard, takes care of our kids, and does so much for others. Please give my wife this transformation makeover. (Nominated by Jason Bartschi)

I'm not one to nominate myself for anything but, I feel it's time I do something for myself for once. I have had a rough couple years. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in November, 2016 and quickly had my thyroid killed off and have had complications with it ever since. My face is growing hair that shouldn't be there and it needs to go!
Shortly after my treatment, my husband had a liver transplant (at 37 years old) which, in turn, took out his kidneys. For the past year and a half he has been on dialysis three days per week; of which I transport him to and fro, in addition to taking him to weekly doctor appointments, blood work, pickup meds, etc. He's hopefully close to the top of the transplant list luckily but now his liver is acting up. Oye.
Besides being his transportation, I also maintain his meds, care for his son (school, scouts, sports, activities) and I work 40 hours a week. I'm. So. Tired. You can see it in my face, body and soul. I love my husband and family and want the best for them but how can I take care of them if I don't take care of myself? I'd love to win this to feel better with myself and be the strong rock for my family that they so deserve! Thanks for your consideration! (Nominated by Ashli Johnson)


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