Health Freedom Idaho planned to put on a memorial and vigil "for the victims of vaccines" at Boise's Anne Frank Memorial, but the Wassmuth Center says it will not happen.

Health Freedom Idaho planned to hold two vigils for the "victims of vaccines". One in Northern Idaho, one in Boise. KTVB reported on the story on their show, The 208, see that report below. They also did some research and found out that there have been zero deaths found directly related to the Covid-19 vaccine here in Idaho, but instead report rising numbers of Covid-related cases crowding ICU's in Idaho hospitals, with 97% of those patients being those who are unvaccinated.

The Wassmuth Center, which is charge of the Anne Frank Memorial in Boise says "Contrary to posting, there is no vigil in the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial on September 25. The Memorial was previously scheduled for another event", indicating this memorial and vigil was never approved by them and are asking individuals who had planned to attend on September 25th not to. Health Freedom Idaho is also selling "stop shooting us" t-shirts with needles printed on them, which has been perceived to be mocking shirts with the same text that were worn during the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement last summer.

The website also claims that 181 aborted fetuses were used to develop the Covid-19 vaccine, but that has been fact checked and verified as false information. If you would like to learn more about the effectiveness of the vaccines, you can get a plethora of information straight from the CDC here.

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