I grew up with my father reading me the worst things that happened in my hometown of Houston, Texas. He would just read the terrible stories from the night before in the hopes I would be paying attention.

It's interesting how one specific story he read still sticks with me today. I remember him reading about people shooting out car windows that were just driving down the street. Made me always keep my head on a swivel. Windows are getting shot out in Caldwell but look to be a pellet gun.

You might say, "what's the big deal it's just a little pellet gun?" Have you replaced a window in your car lately? Have you been shot by one in the eye before? Besides that, it's someone trashing your personal items and it's dangerous regardless.

The Caldwell Police Department is looking for individuals that are driving around shooting out windows. You might think this isn't much but it can lead to much worse things. There is a video that the Caldwell Police Department is posting and looking for any details regarding the whereabouts of the individuals involved.

You can actually hear the pellet gun firing into the windshields of the vehicles.

If you read through the comments you will see several people have become victims to the same crimes. Barbara writes about her son's pickup getting hit by pellet guns a few weeks prior and the list goes on. This is obviously just people making it a game, but your personal property isn't much of a game piece when getting vandalized.

Contact Detective Lanham at (208) 455-4608. You can also reach Crimestoppers at (208) 343-COPS.

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