Who would throw rocks and bottles through the windows of the Caldwell Wrestling Club's bus?!  While police work to figure that out, we can help them raise funds for a new one.

The bus was vandalized in early September while it was parked in the Caldwell High School parking lot and the damage done was more than the bus is worth.  In other words, the bus won't be fixed, and the club is left without its main source of transportation for this wrestling season, which just started last week.

The bus was used to give kids ages 4-17 in Caldwell, rides to and from events and practices when their families either couldn't afford it or didn't have transportation available, according to the GoFundMe page.

Organizers of the GoFundMe campaign set a $10,000 goal, and at last check, the funds that had come in had only reached between ten and twenty percent of that amount.  If you want to make a big donation as a business, I'm sure the Caldwell Wrestling Club would appreciate it!  But every little bit helps as they try to get closer to their goal to buy new transportation to get to school events.

What about the culprits?  Caldwell High School says on its Athletics Facebook page that Caldwell Police are working on the case.  If you have any info you're asked to contact the Caldwell Police Department at 208-455-3115.

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