There was one thing my dad taught me at a very early age. He told me to never steal or hang with people like that. Stealing things from hard working people was just something he didn't like.

Things weren't stolen from the Boise Art Studio but you can't put a price on what was actually taken, memories. The Boise Art Studio was broken in and vandalized over the weekend shattering the office and local art.

Sue Latta is who runs the studio said,

As far as I know nothing was stolen, but there was a lot of energy that went into destroying everything. They even threw the big heavy tables over. It's just so disheartening"

I received an email about the terrible breaking in over the weekend and a great GoFundMe that's been set up. I came across a story in the Idaho Press that was great with more information.

The GoFundMe has reached over $18,776 of the $3000 goal. All I can say is that's how Idaho rolls when people are hurt especially something like this. You hope it was just some idiots who were young and immature. Sue has too much love for the community to think it was some type of hate crime.

visit the GoFundMe below.


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