As I was scrolling through Reddit (as I so often do), I stumbled across a post on the r/Boise subreddit showing a sticker that was placed on the back of a road sign with the original poster noting the location was at Eagle and Fairview. The sticker implies that COVID-19 was manufactured in China with a barcode.

While I’ve seen and heard of stickers people have been leaving at gas pumps lately, I didn’t think that people would want to go out of their way to slap these types of stickers on the backs of road signs. Without getting into the politics of it because who needs more of that, it’s unfortunate that an individual (or individuals) would want to get their message across in the way that they did.

I had to see for myself and got in my car to check it out. I didn't see the barcode sticker but did notice this one taking aim at President Joe Biden.

Photo by Chris C./TSM Boise
Photo by Chris C./TSM Boise

I pulled over and checked the Reddit post to see which angle I should be looking. That's when I noticed a comment on the Reddit post asking the original poster if they had contacted ACHD and sent the photo. The original poster responded, “Already done.”

I thought perhaps it was taken down already but then wondered how they would miss the sign in the photo above? I pulled a u-turn and got into the left turn lane. There it was.

Photo by Chris C./TSM Boise
Photo by Chris C./TSM Boise

It bothered me a bit. The controversial stickers don’t do anything to help the community. As a matter of fact, I would argue that it hurts the community more than anything. I try to distance myself from politics as much as possible. For me, this is about Boise being known as a beautiful city and us keeping it that way while also respecting one another. There’s no place for vandalism, we're better than that and I truly believe that.

We all don’t have to share the same beliefs but at the end of the day, we’re all human and want the best for this country… and for Boise. America is about the freedom of expression and free speech, but that doesn’t mean vandalism is the way to go about it. Hopefully, these individuals find peace and look for other ways to express their personal views.

Vandalizing the streets of Boise isn’t the way to do it.

Are you seeing these stickers more around town? What do you think about them?

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