If you are last minute person like myself, then your Christmas shopping usually doesn't happen until the week leading up to Christmas. December just goes by so fast and before you know it, it's Christmas! Luckily, I've been able to come up with some great last minute presents over the years. Since they're so last minute they might be a little unconventional as some creativity may be required.

Of course it depends on who you are buying for exactly, but I always like to ask the question, "What is something I hate having to pay for but inevitably have to pay for."  Then I turn that into a solid Christmas gift buy taking that financial burden away for someone. Some might say this is tacky and lacks personality. But hey at least it's realistic! The following gifts are all extremely last minute, unique, and useful. 

  • Paid off bills (electric, rent, car, loans) - Personally, I'd be pretty happy if someone offered to pay one or all of my bills for a month or two.
  • Car washes - I got a coupon book of free car washes for Christmas once and it felt pretty nice knowing that I basically have free unlimited car washes at my disposal.
  • Monthly/yearly streaming subscriptions - Although they aren't considered a necessity, we all pay for all kinds of services from Spotify to Netflix. A year of Netflix for someone sounds like a good gift to me.
  • Food delivery service - Great for the lazy cook in your life. If you want to make sure they'll always have good food in their bellies, this is actually a great gift idea.
  • Gas station gift cards - Fill up someone's tank for them with a month's worth of gas station gift cards.
  • Massage/facial/hair gift cards - Treat someone with some self care!

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