Do you or your kids love Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatball products?  You might want to check them out if you have some in your pantry, because over 700 thousand pounds of it have been recalled due to the fact that

the product may contain milk, which was not detailed on the label and could be a problem for those who are allergic to milk and or lactose intolerant.

Con Agra company has recalled about over 700,000 pounds of their spaghetti and meatball products according to the Department of Agriculture.

The problematic products were made this year between January 5 and January 12 and include 414,424 pounds of mini pasta shells & meatballs, pasta and meatballs made with pork, chicken and beef in tomato sauce.

See a complete list of other recalled products here.

The USDA said the problem was discovered on June 6 after an ingredient supplier notified the company that bread crumbs used in the products potentially contain milk.

So far there have been no reports of allergic reactions.

Customers who purchased the products were urged to throw them away or bring them back to the store in which they were purchased for a refund



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