A pretty sinister story is coming out of eastern Idaho after two 18-year-olds have been charged with first-degree murder.

Daniel Wood and Westly Hightower were charged on Tuesday in the shooting death against 68-year-old Larry Powell. Powell was found in his home on Monday in Ammon, Idaho with a gunshot wound to his head.  According to KTVB, Hightower is the adoptive son of Powell's first wife and lived with them in the same home.

Court documents state that the original story given by Hightower to investigators was that the shooting was an accident while putting the blame on Wood. Wood's story is very different though. He admitted to authorities that Hightower "hated" Powell.

Reportedly, Wood and Hightower had met just a week before. Wood said he and Hightower had conversations about killing Powell insisting that this was premediated. East Idaho News reports that, Hightower made the offer to Wood, who is homeless, that he would provide money and a place to live if he helped kill Powell and his wife. Wood also confessed that just two days before the shooting, the two attempted to poison Powell and also planned to kill Hightower's mother as well by sabotaging her car.

Hightower's bond is set a $1 million, while Wood is being held with a bond set at $750,000. KTVB informs that, "first-degree murder convictions in Idaho are punishable by 10 years in prison to life behind bars and prosecutors have the option of seeking the death penalty."

Hightower and Wood are set to appear in court on October 13th.

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