Two women were arrested for stealing packages off the porches of at least 12 homes in Nampa. After the police were called with a tip and a license plate number, they stopped the women in another neighborhood.

There was a large box in the backseat and under that, hundreds of pieces of unopened mail from a dozen addresses in Nampa. According to the sheriff's office, the mail contained bills, letters, a passport, a credit card and other items. None of it belonging to either of the women.

There are things you can do to keep your holiday gifts and packages safe.

  • Consider having it shipped to your work, a friend's house or pick it up directly from the post office.
  • Follow online tracking. If you follow along, you can get a good idea of when it will be delivered and plan ahead.
  • If you have packages in your car and parked in a parking lot, cover your packages so they aren’t easily seen and, most importantly, lock your doors.