I love a good food challenge. Well, honestly, I just love good food. I've been on a quest to find some of the best Bloody Mary-breakfast combos in the Treasure Valley lately and have ran across so many menus that would make your mouth water. Our town really is a foodie paradise and our culinary scene is constantly evolving. Last year I wrote about six food challenges in the Treasure Valley and, in light of the recent Man v. Food episode filmed here, I wanted to add a few more to that list of places where your meal is free if you can eat it all:

  • Indian Creek Steakhouse in Caldwell (711 Main Street) has a 72 oz. steak challenge and nobody has made it even halfway through! If you think you're up for polishing off this giant steak in under an hour, you could get it for free!  (Indian Creek is one of my favorite steak places in Idaho and if you haven't visited yet you should)
  • Garbanzo's Pizza (5 different Treasure Valley locations) has a team pizza challenge. If you and a partner can devour an entire 28 inch, 10 pound pizza in less than an hour, you can wave the $50 cost. (Me and Pizza really get along, but 10 Lbs in an hour? Nope)
  • Big Jud's (1289 S Protest Road) has a 2 pound burger challenge for $23.99. You have to finish off this beast of a burger in 30 minutes or less. This has become pretty popular with BSU students right down the road and the owners say that they average one challenge winner per month.  (I've actually tried this challenge and failed...but it was a delicious challenge)
  •  Superb Sushi in downtown Boise (280 N 8th Street) has a Death Roll challenge. This insanely spicy sushi roll is packed with ghost peppers! It costs $20 up front, but you get your money back, plus a t-shirt and photo on the wall if you finish in under 10 minutes and go without drinking for another 5. (I like Sushi and I like hot food, but this one is just way to hot for me...they don't make enough Ice cream for me to handle the day after)

To read my original post about places to eat for free if you eat it all click here:

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