Who's got your favorite sweet treat? I scooped up this s'mores shake at Red Robin over the weekend...

For a guy who's constantly talking about losing weight for my wedding (next month), I've definitely spent some time enjoy some of the Treasure Valley's greatest treats! Here are some of my favorites that I've enjoyed after living here for about a month and a half:

The big Albertson's in Meridian has giant pastries... No seriously, GIANT Pastries! And also, it's basically our own little Disneyland of treats out here.

Goody's Ice Cream in Hyde Park is obviously amazing, there are plenty of donuts and pastries and shakes and candy stores and all kinds of sweet places. What's your recommendation? Obviously I had that delicious shake at Red Robin, but what are some cool locally owned places we should know about?

Like I said I'm getting married next month and really want to try and trim down at least a little bit so I look okay in my suit, but my sweet tooth may be the death of me. So whattya got?