As a sports fan catching a baseball at a Major League Baseball game is a dream everyone has. That's why as a kid you always bring your glove to a game, hoping that one will land into your mitt. One lucky police Sergeant from the Caldwell Police Department was lucky enough to snag a ball last week, while visiting the iconic Fenway Park in Boston.

The only way to explain something like this is a dream come true. Although I don't know Sergeant Ivie personally I can see from the photos posted on the Caldwell Police Department's Facebook Page that he is a Boston Red Sox fan, so to catch a ball hit by your favorite team while he was above the famous 'Green Monster' he is probably still smiling about what happened.

The caption on the CPD page says the ball was hit by Jackie Bradley Jr of the Boston Red Sox as they took on the Detroit Tigers last week in Boston. I can promise this will be a memory he has for the rest of his life, and great catch Sergeant Ivie!

Photo courtesy of Caldwell Police Department
Photo courtesy of Caldwell Police Department

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