Over the past three days there have been hundreds of grown men that had their dream come true. The one goal that they have worked so hard to accomplish finally came true. Most of them were surrounded by all of their family and friends, the true supporters throughout the whole journey. That's why I love watching the NFL draft.

Just like any sports fan I want to see what tremendous players are added to my favorite team (Seattle Seahawks), but I truly enjoy seeing the excitement from all these athletes that have spent most of their life focusing on this one goal and then it all comes together.

Most people will never understand the sacrifice that it takes to make it to the NFL, it's missing out on important events to hit the weight room. It's making sure you're not around friends that are making bad decisions so you avoid those situations. It's a ton of work and take a lot of mental and physical strength.

As of now from our Boise State Broncos here are the players that signed with NFL teams during the draft or after the draft was over as a free agent:

RB - Alexander Mattison - Round 3 Pick #102 - Minnesota Vikings

QB - Brett Rypien - Denver Broncos

DL - Durrant Miles - Atlanta Falcons

WR - A.J. Richardson - Arizona Cardinals

DB - Tyler Horton - Miami Dolphins

EDGE - Jabril Frazier - New York Jets

WR - Sean Modster - Baltimore Ravens

and there could be more added to this list soon.

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