Fighting cancer is something most of us have seen with a loved one who has battled or maybe you've taken on the battle yourself. It is a long very difficult process but there is a Nampa company stepping up to help at least with some chores so cancer patients in our area can use all their strength on recovery.

Our friends at KTVB first broke the story of Scrub 'N Bubbles out of Nampa has teamed up with a national non-profit to clean the homes of cancer patients for no cost. The non-profit is called "Cleaning for a Reason" and their mission is to help find free cleaning services for patients.

The owner of Scrub 'N Bubbles is Renee Dickinson and she explained that,

"their staff gets a lot out of seeing the warriors battle."

Renee's mother also got sick with cancer three years ago and did pass away. She sees this as a way to honor her mom in a very positive way.

This is such a sweet thing to do, thank you Scrub 'N Bubbles. And if you want to learn more about Cleaning for a Reason, click here.

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