Parents, let's be honest - during the holiday season, you're always just a little bit relieved when it's time for your scout elf to go back to the North Pole to live with Santa. That feeling of relief might not last quite as long this year!

Why? Because the Easter Bunny has his own helper that can't wait to come sit on your shelf in the weeks leading up to the holiday! Meet Peep on a Perch!

Image via Amazon/Andrea Posner-Sanchez
Image via Amazon/Andrea Posner-Sanchez

Parents, before you have a panic attack, know that this cute little guy isn't nearly as labor intensive on your part.  The large, plush version of the classic Easter candy comes with it's own story book encouraging your kids to be on their best behavior.  According to the toy's description on Amazon, Peep on a Perch helps the Easter Bunny decorate eggs, fills baskets and sees all the acts of kindness a child does during the Easter season.  The more acts of kindness it sees, the happier it gets and the more likely a well behaved child is to see an extra treat in their basket on Easter morning. It's got a keen eye for seeing things like a child going to bed without fussing, helping out with chores around the house and using good manners with both their friends and adults.

No part of the story requires you to move it every day and unlike Elf on the Shelf, your kids don't have to show restraint with this little chick.  They can pick it up and play with it all they want.

It's got a 4.1 star rating on Amazon from parents who've made Peep on a Perch part of their Easter tradition! Right now, the demand for the toy is so hot that it's estimated delivery date is April 1, but that's still plenty of time for Peep on a Perch to spend with your family before the bunny drops by on April 20.

If you don't want to wait that long, Peep on a Perch is in-stock at all Treasure Valley Target locations for $18.71.

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