At only 27 years old, Aaron Butler, lost his life while serving his country in Afghanistan in 2017. Since then, those who served alongside him have remembered him, now, those same friends have decided to honor his memory by hosting an event that could help other veterans who have been injured while serving.

According to the Idaho Statesman, the Inaugural SSG Aaron Butler Memorial Purple Heart Run will take place on Saturday, August 17 at the Eagle Bike Park. The 5K and 10K trail run was the idea of two veterans, one of which served with Staff Sgt. Aaron Butler. Dan Nelson is from Boise and led Butler's battalion while overseas. He along with fellow veteran Dan Muguira, wanted to create an event that would allow people in the Treasure Valley to connect Butler, who they say was a "physical specimen" and a "stud".

According to the Statesman, participants can run, walk, or "ruck" throughout the race for $30. Along the course, participants will see "photos and stories of Purple Heart recipients who were killed in action."

So what's up with the phrase, "embrace the suck"? According to the Statesman, the phrase is used by soldiers when they have "no choice but to dig into a bad situation." This is a phrase that my husband uses all the time. This is how he describes it:

No matter how bad the mission, the situation, the circumstances are, you do whatever it takes with your brothers to make sure they are safe and that you're safe so you can get back home no matter what.

The race website says that if you'r a little worried that the "suck factor" may be too high, that you should "ask yourself...what would Aaron do? Embrace the suck!"

Proceeds from the trail race will benefit the Idaho Department and Chief Joseph Chapter 509 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart - that organization offers support to Purple Heart recipients from right here in the community.

Ready to 'embrace the suck'? Click the buttons below to sign up now!

If you'd like to learn more about the life and sacrifice of Aaron Butler CLICK HERE. 


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