When you're expecting your first child it seems like everyone has advice to give you. From tips on handling pregnancy to how you should be raising your kid, by the time the little cutie is born it feels like you know all the things. Inevitably you'll discover, however, that there are tons of things you had no clue would accompany parenthood. For me, I wasn't prepared to watch one tv show on a loop for weeks on end because it's the only thing my kid will allow in the background without throwing a tantrum. If you know, you know.

Worse, kids tend to have abhorrent taste in television programming. Most recently Cocomelon has infiltrated the toddler landscape forcing parents to suffer through poorly performed nursery rhymes via lazy computer animation. But the OG of awful cartoons is Caillou. The show centering around titular character, Caillou debuted 20 years ago on PBS and united moms and dads alike in misery. So how has it been on so long? Parents give in to the whims of their children for a morsel of peace in their hectic days. So Caillou found itself on television screens for two decades because children have poor taste.

If you haven't see Caillou, don't. IMDb's description of the show: An imaginative four-year-old boy learns life lessons and discovers new things with his friends and family. The true description: Bratty four-year-old with no redeeming qualities complains his way through an entire episode while allegedly learning lessons and the adults in his life just accept his whiny disposition. It's a must-skip show.

Finally, after two decades, PBS has pulled the plug on the show that made me hesitant to donate to the network. The announcement was made on Twitter to the joy of parents everywhere. More than anything, Caillou taught children bratty, insolent behavior that parents have been opposing for years. Response to the news was favorable, to say the least. "Bye, don't let the door hit you on the way out," "Finally!," and "Thank God!" were among the Twitter reactions to the news.

PBS also alluded to something new taking Caillou's place. Let's all hope it's not another decades long disaster.


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