If everyone joined this one Facebook group, we could help Treasure Valley pet owners sleep better at night.

Terrifying. Your beloved dog has gotten out and you realize that he doesn't have his collar on because you took it off to scratch his next last night. He's got a chip, but you're panicked. Wondering where could your dog be? Roaming the neighborhood? Did he make it out to the main street? Has anyone grabbed him? Is his chip information up to date? Is he hurt? Is he scared? You can't just text a dog like you can a child. You have to look and if it's bed time, what do you do? Keep looking? Go to sleep?

My dog Toby has a tendency to not run out of the house, but he is an opportunist, so if he does have a chance to get out, he wanders and I live close enough to Pine in Meridian that he could wander over there in about 3 minutes and that's a scary thought. Keeping your dog's collar on him or her is important. When my dog was staying with family, he got out a couple of times and people do have a tendency to grab his caller and make the call. Keeping your dog's chip information up to date is definitely important as you can still be quickly reunited, even without your phone number on the collar.

Here in the Treasure Valley, there are several Facebook groups dedicated to finding pets, but this one seems to have the most followers that I've seen. When your dog goes missing it can feel pretty stressful and lonely, but you might get it done quicker if you had 16,000 people keeping an eye out for you. Join the group! Treasure Valley Missing/Found/Spotted pets. If we all join, we can look out for each other's pets and make sure we get the home safe and soon, and we'll all sleep better!

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