Hallmark stores around the country have been closing, and the Treasure Valley is no exception, with one store closing over the weekend and others planned. Do we blame the internet?

I love the smell of Hallmark stores.  They always remind me of my grandma's apple cider and caramel apple pie, with a little bit of pine tree on the side.  But apparently the cozy aroma isn't enough to keep stores open.

Have we gone completely to e-cards, and is that why Hallmark stores are closing up shop?  And Hallmarks were good places for wrapping paper, candles, and those super cool and sentimental Willow Tree figurines that I've given to every friend who has ever gotten married, graduated, or had a baby.  We'll just have to find another place to get those things now it appears.

The Idaho Statesman says the Hallmark store by the Boise Towne Square Mall on Milwaukee Street closed over the weekend.  And stores at 16469 N. Market Place Blvd. in Nampa and at 1180 N. Eagle Road in Eagle will close soon too.  Two others closed earlier this year, at the Northgate Shopping Center and at the Southshore Shopping Center.

Greeting cards are expensive, right?  Most of them it seems are five bucks now, and we really have to dig for the cheap ones.

Grocery stores, the big box stores, and shipping centers still sell them if you're looking to branch out from the free singing and dancing e-card.  And for the Willow Tree figurines...well, there's always the internet.