Most people would agree that the holidays come with some level of stress. Trying to deal with out of town visitors, the crowds at the mall, cooking, trying to remember presents for everyone and coordinating time to see family - it can all get to be a bit much. To be honest, I really enjoy the holidays, but more than once I've been caught daydreaming about giving it all up for a drink in my hand on a warm beach somewhere.

Just for kicks, I looked up what it would cost for my wife and I to travel this holiday season and immediately after the new year and what I found really surprised me....there really are some amazing deals out there right now.

Here are just a few of the deals I found out of the Boise airport (BOI) that you and your family may want to take advantage of this winter:

1 Week in San Francisco - Airfare at $265/person with Alaska Airlines/United in December

4 Days in San Diego - Airfare at $192/person with United in November/December

....and if you're more inclined to getting away from it all, by leaving the country, then get your passport ready, because there are some really good deals out of Boise right now...

5 Days in Puerto Vallarta - Airfare at $516/person with United in November

9 Days in Dublin, Ireland - Airfare at $675/person with American Airlines in February

*These deals were found using's Explore and Hacker Fare features and Availability and pricing is not guaranteed.



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