Savannah and I are both so excited to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this upcoming weekend. I can't believe we have now been together for 12+ years and married for almost 5 years. Our wedding 5 years ago was in Las Vegas, and I think some of our guests might still be sobering up from the party. The time has gone so fast, but I have loved every second of it.

Well, last December we bought a getaway at the Whitefish Mountain Resort through a charity auction and have been planning to spend the weekend there for our anniversary ever since. Which is the majority of the gift giving we will be doing, but I still want to get her something.

Giving gifts is not something I am good at, normally when we are getting gifts for people Savannah takes care of it (because I would get everyone gift cards). But now I want to get her something, and really I have no idea where to start. I looked up what the traditional gift is which is something made of wood. There is also a more modern list put together which says silverware for the 5th anniversary, and that is a hard pass. Out of those two ideas I would go with the wood suggestion.

Now, what in the world can I think of that would be a cool gift that is made of wood? Or should I drop the wood idea and think of something else entirely? I'm not sure, but I would love any suggested posted in the comment section or email me:

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