It is that time of year and good gear is important if you are wanting to stay warm while having to be outdoors for any reason this winter.

I spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter and therefore have been on the search for warm gear for a few years. Here is what I have found that has been solid for me. Now there are lots of alleys and things you need depending on what you are doing.

  1. Coal hardware winter hats, cute and cozy. 
  2.  Merino Wool socks. Simply the best 
  3. Columbia rain jacket 
  4. Simms full gloves or mitten/half glove style. 
  5. North Face scarf, warm and fashionable.

Try out some of these products if you have been searching for some extra gear this winter. The cold is here, make sure you are prepared and not stuck freezing if you do have to be outside.

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