Having a fireplace is awesome but there are some important steps to take to make sure you are safe.

Every year there are thousands of people using wood burning stoves and fireplaces as a source of heat during the winter months. Not everyone has the knowledge about fireplaces. As the temperature drops here are some steps you can take to make sure your fireplace is safe.

  1. Check the damper : make sure the damper is working properly and that there isn't a lot of debris up there or built up.
  2. Check for Creosote Buildup: According to familyhandyman.com Creosote is a chemical mass of carbon formed when wood, tar or fossil fuels are burned. If there is too much built up you shouldn't use the fireplace.
  3. Clean out the ash. Not only is it better to keep the ash cleaned up so it doesn't have a chance to fly into the air in the home but it also is important cause ash can stay hot for 3 days and therefore can catch other flammable things on fire.

I enjoy wood heat but want to make sure I am safe and so is my home.


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