I can't take credit for this and I didn't find it on pintrest. My friend last year needed something to hold his wood in and this was kind of what he came up with and I did a few make shift changes.

It's just pallets bracketed together in whatever size shape you need. Pretty simple right? it is BUT there is some work and time that goes into it. Now I was lucky to have the cement to keep it on so didn't need any as a base but if it'd on the ground may want to use the pallets to keep it off the ground. In my case I don't have much wood so not too many pallets are needed.

I used brackets and then a thick plastic fencing around the outside. I will be finishing it up and boxing it in and adding a lock as well. The pallet box is pretty dimple but there are things you can do and add. Like I will have a swinging one that will open and lock for me to be able to get the wood easier.


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