When it comes to Christmas shopping, people fall in to one of two buckets. 

Bucket one? These are the people who LOVE being part of the chaos of Thanksgiving Evening and Black Friday shopping.  Most, if not all, of their shopping is done in the store. Bucket two? These are people like me who want to sit around in their PJs with a cup of cocoa and click on gifts that magically show up at your door a few days later.

If you find yourself falling into bucket two, this is the time of year when you're scouring the internet to find as many free shipping promo codes as you can to save some serious cash getting those gifts to the Treasure Valley. Well, Amazon just saved you a ton of time by offering FREE standard shipping to everyone, even non-Prime shoppers! They offered a similar deal to non-Prime shoppers in 2017, but they had to spend at least $25 through the online retail giant to unlock the discount.

It's unclear how long the holiday deal will last, but many believe it will be through at least mid-December as Amazon competes with Target and Walmart for generating the most holiday revenue this year.

If you're hoping to save on shipping costs by shopping Target and Walmart online, here's what they're offering this year.


Walmart is offering FREE two day shipping on more that 1.6 million items. Order by 2 p.m. in our time zone and your items will be delivered to your home or office within two business days.  They DO require a minimum purchase of $35 to unlock the shipping discount.


Target is trying to do one better than Walmart by offering FREE two day shipping on hundreds of thousands of items with NO minimum purchase required. Their cut off is usually 12 p.m. in our time zone. They're offer is available now through December 22.

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