Adam Sandler made a triumphant return to stand-up comedy last month with the Neflix special 100% Fresh. The special, which features a hilarious rap song from the comedian, has been getting rave reviews. But some are accusing Sandler of swiping the rhymes from an indie artist.

The little-known rapper goes by the name of David Olivas and his song in question is titled "Phone, Keys, Wallet, Weed," co-written by Chris Dean. Olivas' track came out in 2015 on the album We Thrive. He recently told the Kitsap Sun his phone started blowing up with friends notifying him of the Sandler song, which has a very similar premise and uses the chorus of "phone, wallet, keys."

One message read, "Adam sandler hella ripped off your song I swear."

Sandler's track, which his team says was written by Dan Bulla, finds him rapping about his essentials. "Just those three things, please/Need my phone, wallet, keys," he rhymes. "Got my credit cards in my wallet/Got my phone you can call it/Master Lock on my front door, that's what my mutherfuckin' keys are for/My phone, wallet, keys, yea/Phone, wallet, keys/Good things come in threes/Need my phone, wallet, keys."

"If you listen to it, it's pretty striking," said Olivas.  "I suspect maybe a writer was intentionally or unintentionally inspired by [my] song."

Though the two songs bear a resemblance, there is a case for Sandler's version being a parody and therefore not eligible for a infringement lawsuit. Olivas said he had no ill will toward Sandler but may be looking into taking legal action. "I'm gonna explore my options," he said.

Check out both tracks below and judge for yourself.

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