Thes guys and gals are locals and have taken up residency at the Nampa Walmart. An interesting choice of hang outs but then again a good area for snacks and treats from visitors.

It was an ordinary trip to Walmart and  I was heading to the Supercenter on 12th street in Nampa. I was a little shocked when I pulled up to see an area of ducks. They seem to know the lines where no one was parking.  Like I said these guys and gals are regulars. Although they are, the white one I hear isn't always there, (hat is an albino duck). I wondered how many people feed them or what they get for food there.

I went inside and did my shopping only to come out to see some young girls feeding the ducks blueberries! I also assume because there is a Burger King inside that fries are a common menu item.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

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