Warmer weather is just around the corner and that means no more hiding behind the winter clothing layers!

No matter how much control you think you have over your food choices, what (and how much) you eat is influenced by many forces beyond your control. From the people, places, and things you surround yourself with to the built-in features of your weekly routines, factors outside your awareness dictate your dietary decisions on a daily basis.

These are the top 3 situations that make you eat more than you mean to:

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    If you tend to have clutter around your desk, bedroom, or living area, this could affect your eating habits without realizing it. If this is a problem for you, try setting aside a few minutes to organize. Depending on how much cleanup is required, you could even slot this as your daily physical activity requirement.

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    Not Enough Sleep

    I always find myself craving the bad stuff more than normal after a night of poor sleep. When your body is deprived of adequate sleep, sweet and fatty foods trigger a stronger response in your brain's reward centers. Therefore, you usually indulge way more than you plan on.

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    Action Movies

    This one surprised me! Eating in front of a screen can distract from feelings of fullness and you don't realize how much you're actually eating. What you're watching also has a huge impact on how much we eat. Action movies tend to be more intense and stressful, which causes us to eat more.