It's hot chocolate time! I know, it's mid-July and it's a hundred degrees outside, but trust... You'll want to hear me out on this one...

This has been my favorite treat from the Human Bean for quite a while and now I'm going to share it with you (not my literal drink, but the fact that it exists). It's their "Frozen Hot Chocolate"... No, it's not just cold chocolate. It's made from the yumminess that makes hot chocolate great and you can taste the difference, it's insane. It's the best summer treat they have, in my opinion. Plus it comes with whipped cream and their signature bean! I'm telling you, this is the perfect summer treat. It cooled me down and now I have the energy to write this article on a hot summer day.

You need a good cold treat when it's this hot out; whether it's a scoop of ice cream from Stella's, frozen hot chocolate from the Human Bean, a caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks or whatever your go-to is. While being healthy is necessary, so is staying cool! Why not stay cool with a frozen treat from your favorite Treasure Valley local spot (or chain). I won't hate on you for hitting up a chain restaurant or coffee spot; they typically have local employees trying to make money too, ya know?

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This hot weather isn't going anywhere any time soon so get out there and keep yourself cool with a nice cold treat! Don't forget to keep your pets and the elderly cool with their favorite treat as well!

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