It turns out that Wednesday afternoon is not the busiest time for Thanksgiving travel.  Any guess what it is? 

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving between 4 and 8pm is supposed to be the most congested.

I would have guessed Wednesday afternoon, with people working half days and packing for the ski slopes or Grandma's house right after.  But the navigation app Waze, predicts late afternoon Tuesday into early evening will have the most people hitting the road.

The app thinks most will hit the road around 1pm Tuesday and traffic will get heavier later in the day and peak between 4 and 8.  And another steady stream will start around 11am Wednesday and last through the day.

If you're looking for things to do besides eat turkey and shop, there are some ideas HERE that include ski packages and getaways.  Just leave early Thursday morning if you want to avoid the madness!

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