When it comes to driving, the streets of Boise can be a wild place. There have been several instances this year where the streets of the Treasure Valley served as the backdrop for some wild incidents.

A while back, a wrong-way driver was caught on camera on Eagle & McMillan:

Last month, an accident occurred at Five Mile and Overland and while thankfully no one was hurt, a distracted driver made the crime scene a little bit worse.

Now, we can't talk about these crazy incidents without talking about that time a pair of ladies attacked a vehicle with one of them using her headrest as a weapon:

Now, we have another video sent in from longtime listener, Catherine C. who was near a stop at Star & Chinden. Cartherine was sitting in her car, going about her business when her rear dashcam (thank goodness for those) caught a driver of a truck coming up the wrong direction. Now, because Catherine's car is so well equipped to capture bad driving, she was able to capture the ultimate display of bad karma. Let's dive into what happened and show you the video.

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This is a great time to remind ourselves to obey the law! You never know who is watching!

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt during this dangerous (and illegal stunt) by the driver of the truck. More importantly, however, is how thankful we are that an officer for Ada County Sheriff's Office was right there to catch the driver in the act. The driver clearly knew they messed up and will pay the price of it in the form of a traffic ticket. I get that no one's perfect and that we all have our faults at driving, but this should serve as a good reminder to everyone one of us: follow the rules... you never know who's watching.

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