I mean this is just TOOO good. While I don't frequent the Golden Arches on a daily, or even a weekly basis if they started serving these I'm first in line. The international flavor of McDonald's always impresses me, from the IDAHO Burger served in Japan (Potato patty, beef patty, onion-flavored buns, bacon, cheese, mustard seed sauce, deep pepper sauce) to Chocolatey donuts in the UK. This sweet treat though has made my sweet tooth go crazy.A McDonald's in Italy is now serving up the Nutella Burger. Sweet buns, and a jar of the chocolatey hazelnut goodness..um...YUM!! Now we just need our Treasure Valley locations to jump on board. Who's with me...let's start the next great revolution. Demand this around the City!!! Ok maybe not..but still how cool. To see the new Nutella burger, click on “Read More.” READ MORE.