One of my friends came up with a game that he thinks could save his marriage. It might just work for you too!

Spouse Flashccard Game
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Whether you're married or cohabitating, my buddy thinks this game is the solution to all relationship problems.

When his wife comes home from work, she wants to immediately start talking about her day. Or when he walks through the door she wants to hear all about his day. The problem is, men don't want to talk immediately upon arriving home or seeing you come home. They need at least 30-60 minutes in the "man cave." (This is all according to my buddy.) So he came up with Wife Flashcards. When his wife comes home and wants to talk, he just holds up a flashcard that takes the place of his response, she continues talking and "sharing her feelings" and he can continue to be off in la-la land in the man cave while sitting in his recliner.

This are his top 3 wife flashcards

  1. -Oh that’s awful honey!
  2. -They are not paying you enough!
  3. -I know how you feel!

*Note: I don't actually believe he holds up a flashcard. He is in never-never land if he thinks a woman would go along with a flashcard as a response. He's all talk!*
Just for fun though, let's play this game. If you were to come up with flashcards in your house, with your relationship, what would your response be to your partner when you just don't want to talk but you want to appear engaged in the conversation?

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