I wish someone would answer that question for me. I am going to the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo Live, The Experience and since I've never seen an episode, I have no idea what to expect.

Theresa Caputo

Mike's wife Tracy LOVES the show Long Island Medium so when she asked me if I would get tickets with her to the live show, I said of course! That's what friends do. I haven't yet shared with Tracy that I have never seen an episode of Long Island Medium. Tracy if you're reading this, I haven't seen an episode. And it's not because I don't think I would like the show. I just never have time. I looked up some reviews and I am suddenly nervous about tonight! What if she is contacted by a spirit who wants to talk to me? And who would that be?

I looked up reviews of shows in other towns and this here are a few things I can expect tonight with the spirits.

Theresa will be walking the theater aisles calling on audience members as spirit directs.  Cameras would follow her every move capturing the people she is talking to, as well as their reactions on the jumbo screen on stage. Microphones were handed to the people Theresa interacted with. (There are only outside isles at the Morrison Center...what if I'm in the middle? Will my spirit find me?)

Piggybacking my happen -This is a phrase used in her show (that I should have watched). My spirit might be on tagging along with another spirit and speak to me through a person I don't even know. That would be cool!

And if a spirit doesn't talk to me, there is still something for me in the show. Barb Oates saw the show in Milwaukee and wrote that Theresa told audience, “My wish for each and everyone of you is if you do not receive a direct message from spirit, then you hear something or feel something or witness something that will validate for you that there is more to life.”